Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I decided last week that I was going to stop The 30 Minute Mixat 100. A few people were shocked and bummed at the whole idea, and there were a few people that thought it was cool that I was moving on and ending my project on top. Rest assure, I'm trying my dam hardest to make sure these last ten mixes are the best you've heard since past numbers.

This week I dabbled into 70s funk and soul. Most of these songs had been sampled by Hip Hop artists like N.W.A., Heavy D. and The Boyz, and EPMD. It's always interesting listening to songs that inspired producers to make beats out of them. This mix is perfect for that sunny and summer drive home or for background music to play at your bbq. Biggups to Whacko from Forever We Rock for making some cool cover art this week. I guess he's all hyped about the new Transformers movie that's coming out. Hehe.

1. Funky Worm -Ohio Players
2. Mellow Mellow Right On -Lowrell
3. Cannot Find A Way -Curtis Mayfield
4. Together -Intruders
5. Synthetic Substitution -Melvin Bliss
6. Blue Juice -Jimmy McGriff
7. Thinking -The Meters
8. Hard To Handle -Otis Redding
9. Preacher Man -The Impressions
10. If It Don't Turn You On - BT Express
11. Message From The Blackman -The Spinners
12. Sing A Simple Song -Sly and The Family Stone

DJ Mane One 30MM#90 Cover Art by Whacko by djmaneone


  1. Sad to hear it's coming to an end, but it would be silly for me to complain. 50 hours of amazing music for us to listen to over and over again. Thanks for the great work and I'm looking forward to seeing it wrap up in style.

    By the way, I was wondering if you would consider posting a complete set of playlists here. I have most of the actual 30 Minute Mixes, but I'm missing some of the early playlists, particularly from the first 20 shows.

    I suppose this isn't tragic news like "Mane One is retiring from DJing". As long as the Super B-Beat Show continues, I'll be a happy music fan.

  2. What's your email Nanto, I could send you some playlists? Email me at